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Spain has made a name for it’s fine horses, namely the Andalusian horse.

The Spaniards have always loved their horses, in fact the Conquistadors took them wherever they traveled. As a result, many of today’s breeds have Spanish blood in their veins.

The Pura Raza Española (PRE) or Spanish Horses are often called Andalusians. The breed is an ancient one, originating on the Iberian peninsula in what we now call Spain. Throughout history they were highly acclaimed war horses, prized for their speed, agility and calm temperament.

The blood of the Spanish Horse flows through many of the breeds of the modern horses of today. Spanish Horses first went to North America with Christopher Columbus, and the royalty of Spain continued to send Spanish Horses to the colonies for centuries.

The Jacob was traditionally a parkland breed but it is now much more widespread and is found in every part of the British Isles. It is an alert and attractive sheep being upstanding and deep bodied. Its white fleece has well defined black patches, the head and neck being mostly black with a white blaze. Both sexes are horned and there can be either two or four horns.The ewes are hardy and excellent mothers who milk well, frequently having twins or triplets giving a realistic 200 lambing percentage.

The breed is mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 30 where Jacob tended Laban's flock of 'speckled and 'spotted' sheep.
It is now known by recent genetic DNA evidence that Jacobs are unrelated to other British breeds .This supports the belief that this unique and beautiful breed originally descends from Middle Eastern origin.
It is likely that Jacobs travelled from North Africa to Spain with the Moors, and arrived on our shores when imported by the British landed gentry in the 1750's.
Since this time Jacobs have been seen grazing the parklands surrounding castles and stately homes, and have been known as 'Spanish Sheep'.

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